Health Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

Health Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

The benefits of regular dog grooming and bathing is not limited to just keeping them clean and eliminating any smells from their fur. Dog grooming is also an excellent way to build a bond between a pet owner and their best friend. Since dogs are known to be a man’s best friend, it is essential for you to take your beloved pet for grooming sessions. Grooming sessions will help your pet live a healthier life and keep their energy level high. Some personal grooming practices involve regular bathing, brushing, combing to remove loose hair, and even getting their nails clipped.

As a dog owner, there are many benefits to keeping your dog groomed and well fed. Your dog will likely show you more affection and general signs of happiness. On top of those benefits there are many other benefits to having your dog regularly groomed and bathed as listed below.

Cleaner Coat

Even though bathing a dog might turn out to be a harrowing experience for some, most dogs tend to like water. If your dog is not afraid of water, then regular bathing can get rid of dirt and other unwanted material from their fur. As a result, your dog will smell better, have a shinier coat, and will have less chances of developing fleas and ticks. If your dog loves to swim, then taking him to a nearby river or a dog-friendly swimming pool would do wonders for his/her energy levels.

Eliminate Furniture Scratches

Just like the nails of people, dog nails can grow very long. Long nails on a dog can also become a problem for their mobility. On top of that, long nails could also cause scratches on furniture and carpets. You can avoid these problems by keeping your dog’s nails trimmed either by doing it yourself or taking them to a dog grooming shop.

Less Hair Around The House

Brushing your dog is another grooming practice that is simple enough to perform yet shows remarkable results. Brushes that come with short, triangle-shaped teeth are perfect for brushing dogs that have short coats. Cone-shaped brushes with prongs are ideal for medium length coats. Check out all the different types of dog brushes here. The frequency of brushing should be based on hair length and the dog’s regular activity. Once you get rid of the loose and damaged hair, expect to see a lot less of hair lying around on your sofa, bed, and other places.

Healthy Ears

If your dog has long, floppy ears, you should make cleaning their ears a regular activity. Dirty, unclean ears are more prone to disease and other infections. If your dog seems ill but doesn’t show any physical signs of sickness he or she may have developed an ear infection. To avoid such a thing from happening, you should take your dog to a grooming shop where experts will effectively remove wax from their ears.

How Often Should You Take Your Dog In For Grooming?

Unless your dog never goes out of the house or plays in the dirt (which is unlikely), frequent trips to the grooming salon is a must. Taking your dog to get groomed will make you and your pet happy, plus your home will be cleaners. It’s important to remember that keeping up with grooming tactics at home will allow smooth and fulfilling trips to the groomer. Visiting a dog grooming center once every two weeks or at the very least, once a month is suggested.

Necessity Of Professional Grooming

Going to a professional groomer is a good idea because they have the skills and experience necessary to get the job done properly. Groomers can also do certain tasks that owners may feel uncomfortable doing such as cleaning the ears, checking anal glands, and more. Additionally, time away from home and in grooming centers means that your dog would get an opportunity to interact with other pets and develop better social habits.

Do not take the practices of dog grooming as pampering expenses because it is just as necessary as regular trips to the vet and keeping up with proper medication.